Hands on with the Nintendo NES Classic Edition

nes-classic-edition-nintendoThere will be the PlayStation 4 Pro and the Xbox One S to consider this holiday, but the hottest console very much may be a blast from the past.

On Nov. 11, Nintendo will deliver the NES Classic Edition, a $60 pocket-sized machine that will bring back all the greatness of Nintendo’s 1980s and early 90s heyday. And judging from a recent demo session with the upcoming machine, it’s going to channel everything about the 90s era of gaming that we remember.

That means a simple, basic brand of gaming. And it means — gulp — wired gaming.

The unit itself is small, fitting in the palm of your hand, but it’s very nearly fully-featured, although you can’t open the cartridge area. That’s fine, of course, since the 30 games are already pre-loaded onto the console, and since the console will never really change its state. There’s no internet connection, so there are no firmware updates to come, no DLC to buy, and no online marketplace; the NES Classic Edition harkens back to a time when a game was exactly what it was.

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